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  • Argan alimentary
    Argan alimentary
  • Amlou
    AMLOU, Amazigh heritage, rich in vitamins and proteins. AMLOU, is a delicious paste composed of almond, vegetable oil salt and sugar. Its is well known of its aphrodisiac virtues. AMLOU, can be tasted in brekfast, spread on bread and is also appreciated in all meals. It can be used to stuff the crepes and the waffles. AMLOU, must be mixed before served and safe from humidity and strong smells.
  • Honey
    Our pure and natural 100% Moroccan organic honey is sourced from carefully chosen native Eucalyptus forests. We source our honey from select Moroccan beekeepers who have to meet strict criteria and certification to provide organic honey.
  • Couscous
  • Dietary supplements
    Dietary supplements
  • Argan health
    Argan health
  • Natural olive oil
    Natural olive oil
  • Spices of Moroccan cuisine
    Spices of Moroccan cuisine
  • Vinegars

    Le vinaigre est un liquide acide (pH généralement compris entre 2 et 3) obtenu grâce à l'oxydation de l'éthanol dans les boissons alcoolisées par un processus de fermentation acétique. Il est utilisé dans l'alimentation humaine. Le vinaigre commun comporte une concentration d'environ 5 à 8 % d'acide acétique mais l'acide tartrique et l'acide citrique se retrouvent, en plus faibles concentrations, dans les vinaigres naturels.

  • Medicinals Plants Components
    Medicinals Plants Components